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A new model to help entrepreneurs thrive

From idea to traction-generating product, we're by your side every step of the way, smoothing out bumps as they come with the intention of gaining retention and increasing Customer Lifetime Value.


Builders ourselves, we partner with the humans behind the companies.

We are adding our own twist to venture building with the aim to minimize failure and maximize the human potential. We put substantial effort into identifying the most promising business opportunities and put it through a trusted framework.

Your idea or ours

Either way, we put it through our framework to determine if it can be a world-changing, venture-scale company that customers will love and pay for.

Never walk alone

We work (and walk) with ambitious founders to build successful companies from the ground up. Increasing their chances of success.

Stay hyper-focused

We'll handle all the boring and technical stuff (or work with your team if you have one) so you can focus on taking your solution to the market and pitching to potential investors.

A digital product company with a twist

We take a startup-like approach to thinking smarter, shipping faster, and scaling far and wide.

Build with us

We partner with exceptional founders to create new technology-led companies. Guided by our venture’s framework, our startups build and grow their way towards a strong and independent business.

We're after someone:

With a genius idea (obviously)

Grit, speed, drive and focus

Who is willing to part with equity in exchange for our services

Who has deep domain experience in their startup's industry or vertical

build with us

We've got answers

Does Acumen Ventures work with established companies?

We do not offer Ventures services for companies who are already established / scaled. This is largely because our Venture’s focus is on building early-stage companies. Our process, resources, and operational support may not be as valuable in this case. Nonetheless, we are happy to hear from you and see how we might work together through our Digital arm.

Can I bring in my own startup ideas?

You are welcome to submit in your own ideas, but they will have to pass the same validation process as ideas generated by our studio team.

How is Ventures financed?

Our Ventures is independently financed by our studio, and partners.

How will equity be divided?

We know equity is an important subject. To ensure interests are aligned and become partners, we believe equity should be equally divided amongst founders. The outcome of this division results in an equal 1/3 split between the studio and co-founders. We think it is essential that our co-founders hold a majority stake in the company for future follow-on investments.

How invested will Ventures be?

Our approach is simple - help you build, and grow; then let you run th show. In the early days, our team is hands-on and involved in building, launching, and scaling the company. Later in the process, we gradually help you hire core team members who can take on our role as a studio. Once your company is ready for a full spin-out, our involvement changes to a more strategic manner albeit we can support with design & development services when needed. Typically, this may take 6-18 months for some businesses post-launch.