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4 Tips To Manage A Remote Product Development

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Posted onDecember 11, 2022

For majority of individuals and businesses today, remote work has become the new normal. Companies now hire whole remote software engineering teams to work on incorporating the most recent technologies in addition to allowing their staff to work from home as a result of the increased demand for software engineers.

While the popularity of remote work keeps growing and has a positive impact on businesses, some business owners are hesitant to hire remote workers, especially software developers. Their main worries revolve around leading a remote development team.

In this article, an in-depth discussion of managing remote software developers will be discussed. With the help of our software providers you can increase productivity, achieve long-term objectives, and make the most of your partnership with a software development provider.

Here are potential problems you may face when managing remote teams:

1. Improper Communication

The biggest blunder in any remote team is failing to take the time to define and effectively communicate expectations. As managers, sharing your future product vision and mission with others is essential, as is creating the necessary documents that will serve as a reference for your remote staff.

2. Time zone differences

You should be aware that working with people from all over the world is probable if you choose a remote team of developers. Some managers overlook this detail and fail to modify their operations to accommodate a new international staff. Time zone differences must be considered when scheduling video meetings and other forms of communication. Emails should be sent during your engineers' working hours so that they don't get lost and you obtain responses from them more quickly.

3. Inconsistent feedbacks

Giving inconsistent feedback is another serious error that remote teams commit. To ensure that all efforts are in line with business objectives and the desired level of service is maintained, you should place a high priority on holding regular meetings at which you will provide clear and constructive feedback.

Many business owners believe that effective collaboration can be achieved remotely by hosting an online meeting once a week and exchanging emails. But that's not accurate. You must maintain your contact with your remote team because they are still a team. To foster dependable relationships and strengthen team spirit during your collaboration, create opportunities for team-building and make an effort to visit your team as frequently as you can.

4. Neglecting management tools

Some organizations downplay the significance of employing top-notch technologies for remote work. They are necessary for managing task completion, assigning tasks, and tracking progress. Performance and productivity are dramatically increased by management tools. Some members of the team tend to underplay the importance of these management tools, which is not professionall.


Let's now dive into the fundamental guidelines for managing remote software development teams.

1. Employ self-managed individuals.

Hire high-performers and organized workers who can manage their own workload. A self-managed professional is someone who doesn't need regular direction from any  member. They excel at working independently, producing top-notch work while maintaining complete control over their decisions and results. They are trustworthy, self-sufficient, and driven.

2. Follow the progress of your remote team.

It should go without saying that, in order to ensure that everyone remains productive and that the entire project is completed on time, it is necessary to monitor both the team's overall performance as well as the development of each individual team member.

Additionally, you want to think about utilizing management solutions to make the process of monitoring the status of tasks very simple and obvious. Don't undervalue this responsibility because it is your primary duty to assess each team member's contribution and worth.

Jira and Asana are two of the most frequently used tools. They are incredibly user-friendly, so even if you have never used them before, you won't have any trouble picking it right up

3. Establish a comfortable environment for Remote Communication

A few factors can make working with a remote team successful. The most important one is timely and clear communication. You must put some work into the following areas if you want to manage a remote software team.

  • Schedule regular meetings
  • Face-to-face meetings if possible
  • Establish personal relationships with the team for a more relaxed atmosphere.

4. Team composition and structure are important.

It takes a lot of responsibility and an organized strategy to manage a remote software team. Your requirements and objectives must first be organized.

However, you should also begin by organizing your future software development team in order to have a successful relationship with remote workers. Determine the scope of your project in order to make it happen.

Record all the specifics of your project and give a general overview of the result.

Having listed all the tips that are essential to manage your product development team, and you are considering partnering with a software development team that will take your product from start to launch, then you should consider Acumen. The company provides you with exclusive access to a remote software team for software/ product development needs that will be available to you and assist you in achieving your goals.

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